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I enjoyed how the sound effects were in sync with the video. I enjoyed the dark humor. It was, indeed, dark yet creative. This is one of those things that people don't really think about unless their mind is either twisted or just curious about if people actually go through with said actions. Keep up the creativity!

Joofville responds:

Thank you very much.

haha My Newgrounds buddy Zachary Lew told me someone added my music on here. That's soo cool. I never imagined back in 3rd grade that my music would feature in a flash. It's kinda surreal and weird. The video was cool. I saw this video right after receiving bad news about something so thanks! I did not expect a re-edit during the transitional scenes but I will upload sound effects that I have created for any future collabs. I'm writing too much about nothing probably, but this made my night. lol I'm happy somebody found my work useful.

rhye11 responds:

Thanks PharaohLoneWolf for your music!

I walk around either whistling the synth riff or singing it. lol I got the music stuck in my head.

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This is game is like super smash bros and playstation all star royale or whatever that rip off was named lol It's all my childhood in one game! I can't believe I haven't played this before.

I have not actually played the real Portal game but I've always wanted to. This is the next best thing to this. Really cool! Got me thinking a lot with these strategies.

My whole life, I have dedicated my life to inspiring people through art. I love art and creating art. This includes, painting, writing, drawing, singing, even martial arts. Just everything involving art!....Except for the dark arts..I don't mess with that

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